Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" was established in 2004. Since that time we were delivering employment advice and guidance support services to our target group refugees, asylum seekers and new communities. Our client group includes the NEET, lone parents, the elderly, unemployed adults of working age, and the disabled. We deliver our services in the following main refugees languages Amharic, Tigrinya, Swahili, Somali, Arabic and French.

Our organisation "IMPACT" is a grassroots organisation, well connected to its target group. We have an excellent track record of delivering employment and training support services from our strategically located office at Stoney Lane just across Sparkhill Jobcentre Plus and at our branch office at Small Heath. We also outreach the hard to reach of our target group (Peripatetic Model) Birmingham wide. 

Asylum Seekers


 Asylum Seekers are not allowed to take paid work in the UK. You can apply for permission to work if your period of waiting for a decision about your asylum application takes a long time. If you would like to apply for permission to work you need to get advice from your Case Owner. 
If you receive a positive decision about your asylum application, the support given to you will stop within 28 days. You should immediately apply for a National Insurance Number. To seek employment and to access benefits you need to have your National Insurance Number. To obtain a National Insurance Number please contact the National Insurance Number Allocation Service on 0845 6000643.

 For job opportunities visit your nearest Jobcentre Plus office. Jobcentre Plus is a government agency supporting people of working age from welfare into work. Also you can contact employment support organisations and agencies who provide and can give you free Information, Advice and Guidance in the following:
         Job searching
         Career and skills assessments
         CV Writing
         Job Application form filling techniques
         Pre-employment interview preparations
         Training opportunities 

To contact these employment and training providers visit their websites mentioned below or call them:
Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT"
Tel.: 0121 773 9426

 Enterkey Training
Tel.: 0121 773 3410

Jericho Foundaton
Tel.: 0121 359 6422)

 Muath Trust
Tel.: 0121 753 0297

 For vacancies click the following useful websites:      www.worktrain.gov.uk
For all the job centre vacancy information and career fact sheets. Click on “Enter Site” then ‘Occupations’ and choose a group of career areas e.g. Hair and Beauty.
The Birmingham Forward contains only a selection of jobs that can be found on this cite.    
Click  find a job and them put your post code and the type of jobs you are looking for.
Jobs unlimited – The online edition of the extensive Guardian jobs section – includes information on voluntary work and advice on job search skills.
An online source for employment opportunities in Warwickshire and Birmingham. The online database contains an ever growing number of vacancies offered by recruitment agencies and business within local area.   

Based in Nechells Direct Employment Team provide a free, comprehensive service to help people wit disabilities gain employment.


 A volunteer is someone who does or offers to do work or provide a service out of his own free will. Volunteers are not paid for the work they do. Volunteering is usually done at charities and not for profit organisations. Usually these organisations pay the volunteer travel and meal costs.

 If you are an asylum seeker and wish to volunteer please inform your Case Owner.
What would I gain from volunteering? 
Some of the benefits of volunteering are:
         Gaining new or sharpening your employment skills and talents
         Work experience in a new environment and meeting new people
         Learning English better through practice

 If I volunteer will my welfare benefits be affected?
         No. You are allowed to undertake 15 hours of voluntary work without any reduction of benefits.

To volunteer do I need to provide references or undertake police check?
         Yes. The majority of volunteering organisations will wish to take up references. If you are dealing with vulnerable people or children CRB check. 

 Please find below the contact numbers and the websites of organisations that can help you to get volunteering opportunities:

1.       BVSC (0121 643 4343):          www.bvsc.org/volunteer
       Freshwinds (0121 415 6670):   www.freshwinds.org.uk



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