Our Policies

Why policies and Procedures very important to our organisation?

Our organisation believes that our policies and procedures are the strategic link between our mission and vision and the day to day activities and services that we provide. "IMPACT" Policies and Procedures are put in place and reviewed and updated yearly to enable our employees and volunteers to provide robust and consistent services and to perform without constant management supervision. Our procedures are a guide towards accepted actions to be taken in the day to day operations of our organisation. 

Our organisation "IMPACT" has the following Policies and Procedures in place:

·         Mission Statement & Business Plan

·         Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

·         Equal opportunity Policy and Procedures

·         Diversity at Work Policy and Procedures

·         Confidentiality Policy and Procedures

·         Comments, Complements and Complaints Policy and Procedures

·         Data Protection Policy and Procedures 

·         Protection from Abuse Policy and Procedures

·         Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures

·         Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

·         Service User Inductions

·         Financial Policy and Procedures

·         Supervision & Appraisal Policies and Procedures

·         Child Protection Policy and Procedures

·         Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures

·         Environmental Policy and Procedure

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