Our Networks

Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" believe that networking between organisations, agencies and governmental mainstream providers enables them to share ideas and information to empower their clients to overcome barriers. It is very important to our organisation to develop links with mainstream service providers and the local and national government for mutual advocacy for our service users.
Networking is about:

·         Producing or exchanging information

·         Sharing good practice and lessons to be learned

·         Providing mutual support

·         Engaging in broad campaigns

·         Exploring ideas and options and clarifying issues

·         Coordinating effort and strategic planning

·         Providing training and staff development

·         Challenging ideas, attitudes and strategies and allowing for self-reflection and evaluation.

Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" is a member of the following networks:

·         The BEST Network

·         West Midlands Refugee Regional Forum

·         Change Up Consortium

·         West Midlands European Network 



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