Our Core Values

Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" affirm to:

  •   Providing impartial assistance, support and access without barriers;
  •   Being exceptional in delivering vision, values and promise
  •   Establishing trusting relationship with our service users
  •   Matching the needs of our clients with robust support services;
  •   Having the highest ethical and governance standards;
  •   Catering for the changing needs of our service users
     "IMPACT" Is an impartial organisation and we oppose: Discrimination on grounds of Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Religion or Faith and Sexual Orientation



Our Mission

The overall aim of Afro-British Support Services "IMPACT" is to provide professional innovative Information, Advice and Guidance support services that will enable refugees, asylum seekers and new communities to improve the quality of their lives and to live independently and seamlessly integrate inclusively to the British society.
"IMPACT" seek to achieve it's purpose by the following five key methods:

  •   Enabling our clients to access mainstream provision of services
  •   Providing innovative robust support services with reliable partners
  •   Getting involved and to have influence and input in local initiatives and policies
  •   Share good practice with all stakeholders and Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs)
  •   Providing impartial services and to recruit transparently
 Information Advice & Guidance Centre Wraparound Services

Our organisation works towards reducing worklessness among refugees & New communities through interventions that remove employment/self employment barriers and to gain employer/Business required skills.
We provide support and advice to our target group to get decent housing, being healthy, overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how to access NHS services.
We Support Our client group to access education and training provision available and receive their welfare entitlements and be aware of benefits dependence and contribute economically, socially and culturally.
We acknowledge that debt is a major problem to our client group. We provide free debt advice and money management support
We advice and assist our hard to reach client group who face multiple barriers to understand and apply from HMRC tax credits and other benefits and be aware of overpayments and their responsibilities.

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